Our Team

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We are so proud that each of our firm’s five locations is stacked with the industry’s smartest and most talented professionals, paralegals, and litigators.

Some of our attorneys have been judges and arbiters, many of them serve on various committees, most are recognized nationwide as authorities in construction law, and all are well respected in the legal community.

We’re confident you’ll be impressed too.

Washington D.C. Metro Area

Zahra S. Abrams

Matthew D. Baker

Andrew L. Balland

Robert G. Barbour

Kathleen O. Barnes

Hanna Lee Blake

Sarah K. Bloom

Christopher J. Brasco

Emily C. Brown

Marguerite Lee DeVoll

Shelly L. Ewald

Joseph A. Figueroa

John F. Finnegan III

Scott P. Fitzsimmons

Nicole C. Gregory

C. William Groscup

Christopher M. Harris

Timothy E. Heffernan

Jennifer L. Kneeland

Vivian Katsantonis

Richard G. Mann, Jr.

Noah Meissner

Thomas E. Minnis

Edward J. Parrott

Carter B. Reid

Adam M. Tuckman

Greg Wagner

Dominick Weinkam

Jonathan R. Wright

Irvine, CA

Christopher M. Bunge

Rebecca Glos

Colin C. Holley

Jane G. Kearl

Jane M. Kutepova

Elena A. Kuzminova

Amanda L. Marutzky

David F. McPherson

Robert C. Niesley

Miami, FL

Mariela M. Malfeld

Chicago, IL

Joanna Kopczyk

Frank J. Marsico

Brian C. Padove

Lauren E. Rankins

John E. Sebastian

Boston, MA

Jonathan C. Burwood

Bradford R. Carver

Paula-Lee Chambers

CharCretia Di Bartolo