The Ideal Counsel for Sureties

When the nation’s top sureties find themselves with incomplete projects on their hands, they turn to Watt Tieder for counsel. 

Representing both large and medium size sureties of varying size and reach, Watt Tieder has built a stellar reputation for delivering unparalleled expertise, litigation experience, cost-effectiveness and results.

What We Do

Commitment to Excellence

Known by our Reputation

Watt Tieder is known for leading the charge on behalf of clients and getting results. Consequently, we are able to get the opposition to the table faster to negotiate agreements-saving clients time and money.

Expertise at our Fingertips

All Watt Tieder’s surety partners have first chair, heavy trial experience-which means answers are usually only a phone call away. We save time by being prepared and anticipating what’s ahead.

Coast to Coast

Finding an experienced claims litigator is far more important to achieving the client’s goals than finding a lawyer with limited experience who happens to practice near the project site, and that is why Watt Tieder attorneys have represented clients all across the country.