Leslie Osman

(703) 749-1000

Leslie Osman has been with Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald for more than 34 years and thoroughly understands the challenges of construction litigation. Leslie is a senior paralegal who not only manages complex litigation but also heads our marketing and promotional efforts and our in-house graphics department, working alongside our attorneys, engineers and clients to create visual litigation tools to meet each project’s unique needs.

Our graphics department was designed to produce images that increase audience understanding and retention of complex information, through the use of demonstrative and technical trial exhibits – all with the convenience and confidentiality of being in-house.

Leslie has also spent many years expanding the firm’s resources to include litigation support resources and electronic trial software and hardware in keeping with the advancing courtroom technical trends. Her courtroom presentations include still graphics, simple animations, 3D graphics, and audio-visual presentations. She also has experience with video editing and website design and editing.



  • The Philadelphia Institute
    • ABA Approved
  • Dickinson College, B.A.