Helping Clients in Need

Watt Tieder's in-depth understanding of the construction industry assists us in protecting the interest of our construction clients in dealing with a contracting party that seeks bankruptcy protection.  We represent secured and unsecured creditors before United States Bankruptcy Courts in Chapters 7, 11 and 13 proceedings throughout the United States. We routinely represent creditors in all aspects of bankruptcy litigation, including extensive motion practice, purchase and sale of assets in bankruptcy and debtor-in possession financing, debt restructuring, and dischargeability proceedings. We routinely advise and pursue fraudulent conveyances, preferences, substantive consolidation, equitable subordination and other issues which may arise in the context of financing, acquisition, and other corporate transactions.

Watt Tieder represents construction industry clients in all aspects of debtor-creditor relations, including: 

  • Counseling creditors, preparing proposals and, if appropriate, instituting litigation to maximize their return and to recover collateral;
  • Enforcing security interests, liens and guarantees in federal and state courts;
  • Representing borrowers and lenders in extensions of debtor-in-possession financing related documentation;
  • Providing Advice on acquisitions of stock and/or assets of corporations in reorganization;
  • Protecting a creditors contract funds from the reach of other creditors;
  • Taking immediate steps to assume or reject the performance of a pending construction contract;
  • Prosecuting and defending bankruptcy-related litigation, including valuation and cash collateral hearings, motions to vacate automatic stays, and contested matters such as adequate protection, transfer avoidance and asset recovery issues.

Experts at preserving and prosecuting creditors’ claims in bankruptcy.

A highly multi-disciplinary practice by necessity.