Watt Tieder Newsletter Overview

International/GCILA | Foreign Contractor and Subcontractor Claims Against the United States Government – Part One – read article
by John B. Tieder, Jr., Senior Partner, Paul A. Varela, Former Senior Partner, and David B. Wonderlick, Former Partner

Differing Site Conditions | The Reallocation Risk for Differing Site Conditions in Metcalf Construction Company, Inc. v. United States – read article
by Albert L. Chollet III, Associate

OSHA | Clearing the Air: Proposed OSHA Sliica Standards May Impose a Heavy Burden on the Construction Industry – read article
by Steven L. Lunsford, Associate

California Update | Back to Basics: The Implied Warrenty of the Correctness of Plans and Specifications is Alive and Well in California – read article
by Gregory J. Dukellis, Senior Partner

Government Contracts | Contractors’ Past Performance Ratings Process Standardized, Not Revolutionized – read article
by Shelly L. Ewald, Senior Partner

Surety | When the Surety’s Penal Sum Fails to Protect – read article
by Hanna Lee Blake, Partner

Firm News 

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