Watt Tieder Newsletter Overview

The Supreme Court Upholds Implied Certification Under The False Claims Act But Imposes “Rigorous Materiality” Standardread article by Robyn N. Burrows, Associate

Defending The Surety Using FAR 28.106-5 And The Consent Of Surety Requirement For Federal Contract Modifications Over $50,000 Or 25% Of Contract Valueread article by Rebecca Glos, Partner

Selecting And Drafting The Standard of Review For Arbitration Awards In California – read article by Brent Mackay, Partner

Slight Signs Of Life For Denial Of Justice Claims? A Look At Phillip Morris v. Uruguayread article by Daniel Rodriguez, Associate

Arlington Diocese WorkCamp 2016: “Show Know Mercy”read article by Kevin J. McKeon, Senior Partner

GcilA News & Knowledge Center

  • Money the Lifeblood of Construction: Securing Payment under German Lawread article by Dr. Wolfgang Breyer

Firm News

  • New location for Watt Tieder Virginia Office
  • Honors
  • Upcoming Events


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