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Supreme Court To Decide Fate Of Controversial “Implied Certification Theory” Under The False Claims Act
read article by Robyn Burrows, Associate

Be Safe – Have A Program To Avoid Fraudulent Surety Bondsread article by Mark Rosencrantz, Partner

End Of Year Review: Bid Protest Trends & A Possible Change For Qualifying For Diplomatic Construction Projectsread article by Brenna D. Duncan, Associate

Federal Small Business Law Updateread article by Mitchell A. Bashur, Associate

Employee Or Independent Contractor? Virginia Employers Can No Longer Afford Misclassificationread article by Julia M. Fox, Associate

Russia – Reduxread article by John B. Tieder, Jr., Senior Partner

GcilA News & Knowledge Center

  • Foreign Investments In Public Infrastructure And Mining: Facing The Challenge In Civil Law Africa (Excerpt)
    read article by Marc Frilet, Managing Partner, Societe d’Avocat

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  • Watt Tieder Partner Hanna L. Blake Speaks
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