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Watt Tieder Celebrates Its 40th Anniversaryread article

Getting Results – Creditors’ Rights And Bankruptcy Group Year In Review – 2017read article by Jennifer L. Kneeland, Partner

The Ninth Circuit To Determine The Limits Of Escobar’s Two-Part Test For Implied Certification Under The False Claims Act read article by Robyn N. Burrows, Associate

Hot-Tubs And Other ADR Remedies For Disputes That Ail You (Part 2) read article by Kathleen O. Barnes and Christopher J. Brasco, Senior Partners, and George “Trip” Stewart, Associate

The Sovereign Act Doctrine And Federal Contracts read article by Albert L. Chollet, III, Partner and Erica Lauer, Associate

Thinking Of Expanding Your Contractor Operations Into California?  Here Is What You Need To Know About Licensing read article by Donna Tobar, Partner

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  • The Biggest Construction Project In The World –And You Have Never Heard Of Itread article by John B. Tieder, Jr.

In Memoriam – John B. Tieder, Jr.read article

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