The Watt Tieder Spring Newsletter is now available. Take a look at a wide variety of articles and news from the firm and the industry covering subjects such as hot-tubbing and other ADR remedies as well as various bankruptcy issues.

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Hot-Tubs And Other ADR Remedies For Disputes That Ail You (Part 3) read article by Kathleen O. Barnes and Christopher J. Brasco, Senior Partners, and George “Trip” Stewart, Associate

When A Contractor Files For Bankruptcy: Will A Bankruptcy Court Apply The Law Of Equitable Subrogration Or Honor An Assignment Clause In A General Agreement Of Indemnity And Order That Remaining Contract Balances Belong To The Surety? read article by Jennifer L. Kneeland, Partner

Do I Really Have To Give The Money Back? Preference Claims In Construction Bankruptcy Cases read article by Marguerite Lee DeVoll, Associate

Bonded Contractor’s Lender – Not A Holder In Due Course As To Bonded Construction Trust Funds read article by Frank J. Marsico and John E. Sebastian, Senior Partners

Security Clearances: An Easier Process Than You Thought read article by Scott P. Fitzsimmons, Senior Partner

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