The members of the Global Construction & Infrastructure Legal Alliance (GcilA) are pleased to announce the launch of a unique Knowledge Center.   Unlike a traditional database, the GcilA Knowledge Center was designed to boost the development of best practices globally.   GcilA aims to assist the many areas of the world where such information is traditionally inaccessible. Through our vast experience in the developing world, GcilA understands the role that successful construction and infrastructure projects play in the economic advancement of developing countries.


The Knowledge Center provides an innovative and user-friendly experience to all. It contains useful materials gathered through GcilA’s experience with public and private clients around the world. The Knowledge Center offers articles, presentations, and various other materials dealing with legal topics for international construction and infrastructure projects, public-private partnership, alternative dispute resolution, international investment law, contract law, and litigation.


Visit the GcilA website to take advantage of this rich compilation of materials.


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