Responsibility and Support

Our professional staff is responsible for supporting the attorneys and efforts of a bustling practice.  Dedication, knowledge, accommodation, and flexibility are key qualities of all Watt Tieder staff in support functions.  In addition to administrative assistants, Watt Tieder has developed specialized support departments to provide our clients with top of the line case management.

Legal Assistants

Watt Tieder has a highly experienced staff of paralegals who provide support to our attorneys and clients for each project from beginning to end.  Like our attorneys, our legal assistants dedicate 100% of their time to construction related matters and are key players in all aspects of project support and case maintenance. 

Technical Department

Beyond the quality and experience of its attorneys, Watt Tieder has a separate technical department.  This department is staffed by former contractors and engineers who assist with the evaluation and preparation of claims and other technical issues.  This department also assists our attorneys in selecting the most appropriate outside consultants and experts for any particular matter.  This resource enables Watt Tieder attorneys to provide both cost-effective claims assistance and to develop the technical aspects of cases in a creative and cost effective manner. 

Litigation Support Department

Our litigation support team provides both the in-house capability to manage discovery and the vendor contacts to assure that the process is conducted in the most cost effective manner.  Watt Tieder employs state-of-the-art software applications to achieve the best outcome for its clients.  The litigation support management system allows the legal teams to track, analyze and organize information relevant to their cases which allows our attorneys to handle large-scale document intensive cases with efficiency, speed and cost-effectiveness. 

Graphics Department

Watt Tieder has an in-house Technical Graphics Department to help the Firms’ litigation counsel prepare presentations and visual aids for meetings, negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, and trials to enhance audience/fact-finder understanding and retention of complex information.  In addition, this department is involved in preparing teaching materials used for in-house seminars and contract administration manuals.    

There are currently no open positions.

Recruitment Team


Vivian Katsantonis
Christopher Brasco
Adam Tuckman

Virginia Recruiting Coordinator
Kristy Kellogg


David McPherson