Watt Tieder Newsletter Overview

Contracting Officer’s Abdication of Responsibility Renders Final Decision a Nullity – read article
by Melisa Roy, Former Associate

Suppliers Beware! Don’t Let the Miller Act Trap You on the Scaffolding – read article
by David R. Nolte, Former Associate

A FAR Sighted Approach to OCI? – Proposed Rule Heralds Novel Treatment of Organizational Conflicts of Interest
by Travis L. Mullaney, Associate

Work or Walk Away? What Should You Do When an Owner or General Contractor Declares Bankruptcy? – read article
by Kirsten Roe Worley, Former Partner and Sonia N. Linnaus, Former Associate

False or Exaggerated Bond Claims: What Can a Surety Do to Combat This Increasingly Prevalent Practice? – read article
by Diane C. Utz, Associate

New Laws for Public Works in Virginia – read article
by Robert K. Cox, Former Senior Partner

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